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The TS2000 is a antenna control and tracking system for small to medium sized satellite communications antennna requiring antenna steering using on / off control using commercial grade quality industrial PC-based antenna tracking control unit providing a the user with reliable operation.

The TS2000 Benefits

The TS2000's sophisticated algorithms provide highly accurate low-cost and proven tracking performance with minimal antenna movement, meaning reduced mechanical wear and power consumption.
Suited to attended and especially to unattended and remote sites, the TS2000's self-teaching abilities allow it to 'learn' and predict any orbit without any initial information. If the satellite beacon signal is lost, the TS2000 maintains contact for at least 5 days, with minimal change in performance.
The TS2000 offers full power supply and beacon drop-out recover, allowing essential communications contact to be maintained.
User-friendly interfaces mean the TS2000 is easily operated, and the TS2000's unique in-built antenna satellite system simulator, accessed through a PC makes operator training simple.
The TS2000 provides enhanced position encoder resolution and full remote control from an earth station master control computer.
The TS2000's advanced features provide modes of operation which allow reliability, accuracy and ease of use, including:

  1. Standby Mode
  2. Autotrack Mode
  3. Position Mode
    TS2000 Documents available

    TS2000 Brochure
    TS2000 ATCU Manual
    Sample cabling document MCU Interface

  4. Initialisation Mode
  5. Intelsat Mode
  6. Scanner Mode

Key System Features

  • Highly accurate and reliable tracking for inclined orbit satellites.
  • Resilience to tracking signal disturbances and gusting wind effects.
  • Low dish movement frequency while maintaining tracking accuracy. Operator selectable 'move size' to allow tracking accuracy and dish movements to be traded off.
  • Auto recovery after beacon loss or power outage.
  • Storage for up to 10 satellite models (Autotrack and Intelsat).
  • Operator selectable software limit protection.
  • Operation with a range of geared or ungeared synchros, resolvers and absolute encoders.
  • Rapid 'acquisition' of a new satellite.
  • Rejection of solar outages.
  • Allowance for tilted antenna mounts.
  • Beacon channel selection (4 bit + strobe) interface, with operator specified channel for each satellite model.
  • Multi-level alarm generation, reporting and handling.Watchdog timer hardware and software.
  • Non-volatile memory for storage of important data and parameters.
  • Internationally accepted software and manufacturing standards.
  • Polariser control and tracking.
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