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The heart of the control system is an extensive library of proven algorithms that have been developed over the years to suit a wide range of control and monitoring applications.


Most components are standard "off-the-shelf" industrial PC and PLC equipment.  The system is an adaptable system, which can conform to any control scheme from simple, to state of the art systems. Systems can be provided as a stand-alone system with only a serial communications port for monitoring or maintenance, or with a full graphical menu driven operator interface.  We can change our systems simply through a PC bus mounted control, data acquisition, or graphics card; software changes are minimal.  The net result to the customer is a customised system at an "off the shelf price".

The TS2000 System conforms to our standard Plugable interface so that installation time is minimised.

The TS3010 System is hardwired and thus highly configurable and highly adaptable to suit complex installations.

Road Map

ID & Associates plan to supply and support our current systems in the long term future. This does not mean that we no longer innovate and integrate, at present we are designing a low cost system that is more highly integrated for harsh conditions.

Your Solution

Depending on your requirement, we can supply you with a new tracking control system (ACU), motor controls system (MCU), control and monitoring system (CMU) and axis position feedback system. If required, we can install a system on any type of antenna and integrate with any type of equipment. We can also upgrade your older unsupported equipment integrating with present motors and other equipment or replacing all equipment. If your system is becoming outdated and unsupportable, we can survey your antenna or earth station to ascertain your full requirement.

Real Time Operating System

The ATCU Base System ( BASEATCU) is a library of functions, which provide all the basic operational requirements of an ATCU program. It contains nothing which requires knowledge of the installation and connection details of an ATCU.

A fully operational ATCU program is built from the Library plus a set of unique source code files, which tailor the basic system to match a particular antenna and beacon receiver set installation. When the operating system PC_UNOS and the Library are linked with the compiled unique code, the .EXE file formed is a fully operational program file.

The Library is accompanied by a set of object-code files which provide interfacing to specific hardware I/O boards. In any one installation, the appropriate object files may be selected and added to the unique system PROJECT file.

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