Monday, 15 July, 2002


OPTUS Goninan Projects

In 1993, several systems were supplied to Goninan for installation into 7m Vertex antennas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
A remote monitoring system was supplied to Optus to monitor several Antenna Tracking and Control Systems in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Papua New Guinea from Belrose, Sydney.

OPTUS Adelaide

In 1994, a project was completed to convert a non-tracking antennae to a full tracking system using a TS2000, supplying new motors, position feedback, Beacon Receiver and  included polariser tracking for OPTUS 6.8m Andrews antenna in Adelaide.

OPTUS Goninan Oxford Falls

In 1995, a project was completed for the supply of two TS2000 for installation into 11m Vertex antennas at Oxford Falls.

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