Monday, 15 July, 2002


Large Antenna (TS3010)

On past projects, the axial motion control system used Baldor AC Flux Vector motors and drives. The motors where three-phase induction types, and each included an integral quadrature encoder. The encoder provides motor shaft information to the Vector Drive controlling the motor,  allowing the Vector Drive to make instantaneous adjustments of voltage, frequency and current phasing in the supply to the motor. This vector motor/drive combination is capable of producing maximum torque from zero to full speed, with a constant torque characteristic similar to that of a DC motor without the need to repair/replace brushes. The drive system can therefore provide a holding torque, which can hold the antenna in position against both a constant and variable torque, such as can be produced by gravitational forces and a gusting wind.


We have previously conformed to stringent EMI requirements of our customers.

We have developed the art of installing Vector Drives and minimising radiated electromagnetic noise.

Smaller Antenna (TS2000)

We have used smaller switchboards with a discrete dry contact interface arrangement to keep installations simple. Contactors or Inverter Drives have typically been used, although any electrical or hydraulic motor arrangement can usually be catered for.

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