Monday, 15 July, 2002


ID & Associates Pty Ltd is Australia’s premier supplier of satellite communication systems with over 12 years experience. The company develops, designs and manufactures systems in Australia with the supply, installation, commissioning and support of systems for the global market for commercial and defence applications.

ID & Associates has the capabilities and the products to meet your satellite antenna tracking, control and monitoring requirements.

ID & Associates also has the capabilities and systems for control and monitoring, automation and process control systems for a wide range of applications and industries, mining and wastewater treatment.

ID & Associates is a member of the Minerva Technology Group ( An association of Hunter based IT & T companies who have wide area of capabilities, expertise and products.

ID & Associate’s have teamed with the same contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers for several years to provide the customer with the appropriate solution.

Company documents available

2002 Company Profile
Statement of Capability
CMU Software Product Description
PC UNOS A Real Time Operating System
TS3010 Satellite Tracking System Manual
TS2000 ATCU Manual
Sample cabling document MCU Interface

The products include the TS2000 and TS3010 antenna tracking systems, which were developed in conjunction with the University of Newcastle and TUNRA (The University of Newcastle Research Associates Limited) have been proven with a variety of antennas, projects, customers and locations.ID & Associates provides the customer with a supplier which is innovative and practical and services includes consultation, surveys, development, design, project management, supply, installation, commissioning, training, documentation and support.

I.D. & Associates are supported by experienced, qualified and successful engineering and technical team working to an ISO 9001 standard. With a wide range of expertise in a variety of technical applications utilising up-to-date software, hardware and equipment for commercial and defence applications.

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