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In recent years, through the application of computer-based technologies, there has been an increasing ability to manipulate extremely difficult and complex industrial problems. ID & Associates has been able to develop some of the technologies arising from the research and development work of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Newcastle interfaced with available commercial systems and software into marketable products and services.
ID & Associates has taken over TIED, a division of TUNRA (The University of Newcastle Research Associates). ID & Associates Pty Ltd was established in 2000.  The ownership and the capabilities of TIED were passed onto ID & Associates Pty Ltd with the same staff and contracted employees to complete the work.

ID & Associates has the knowledge and expertise in a wide range of Defence and Defence Industry areas. ID & Associates have a very good knowledge of the Hunter Defence ( and carry out consultation work as Defence Project Officer for the Newcastle and Hunter Business Chamber (NHBC), Hunter Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) and the Industry Development Centre (IDC)


ID & Associates Pty Ltd has particular expertise in satellite antenna tracking and control, control systems and other technologies including computers, software development, hardware specification and SCADAa. This expertise allowed TIED (now ID&Associates Pty Ltd) to obtain contracts with AWADI (now BAE Systems) -BHE for the Department of Defence, TELSTRA (formerly OTCc), Optus, INDOSAT (in Indonesia), Goninan, Auspace / Matra Marconi Space, Citra Sari Makmur (in Indonesia), Clough Engineering, Comsyst, NDC, TVNZ and TSKL (Kirabati).  These opportunities have involved ID & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD in time-critical, quality-assured project management and have included design, build, testing, installation, commissioning, consultation, training and support.
ID & Associates Pty Ltd has built up a reputation in the areas of technology and project management with various organisations. Including TELSTRA, OPTUS, CSIRO Division of Radiophysics (now Telecommunications & Industrial Physics), Department of Defence, AWADI (now British Aerospace - Australia), -BHE, Connell Wagner Pty. Ltd., Codan, Auspace-Matra Marconi Space (now Bae Systems), Dartbrook Coal (Shell Coal) A. Goninan & Co., Clough Engineering, Comsyt and Austar.

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